Hebrew is designed from a star


Hebrew letters are written in a star pattern

Hebrew letters are designed from the Geometry of a Star and tell the story of the creator God who designed them. 


The Star of David

In God's Ancient Hebrew language, King David's name was written with letters that form a star! The name David is formed from the 2 Dalet triangle letters of his name. The descendant of King David that was prophesied to come as a star was the messiah. We know the name of the Hebrew Messiah as Yeshua. In English we call him Jesus the Christ!

The star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem

The star of Bethlehem is the star of King David. Numbers 24 verse 17 says," ...there shall come a star out of Jacob..." The star that came from Jacob, was the messiah from the family of king David. The messiah was written about in this star letter language. The Babylonian wise men were studying these star letters as well as the night skies. God led the wise men to search for God's promised star-child, the Messiah Yeshua, who was to be born in King David's village of Bethlehem. 

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Adam and Eve


God's first Hebrew letter of His alphabet is Alef. It Is formed from and splits into 2 other letters, Vav and Tav. Vav is the man's male gender chromosome and Tav is the woman's female gender chromosome



The first 6th and last letters of God's alphabet spell the word oath. An oath is a promised sign to come. The Hebrew letters show us what and who God's actual "oath" promised sign is!

Ancient Hebrew Letters


The 22 Ancient Hebrew letters are  symbol letters. They show us the story of God's creation and the fall of man into sin. God's plan of saving us and restoring our relationships with Him.. 

Letters = Numbers


All God's Hebrew letters are also a number. When 2 letters combine to make another letter they also add their number values. The creator God masterfully designed his creation.

The Creators Name


The Ancient Hebrew letters show who God is. They easily pronounce His name and show us what His name truly means! God's Hebrew name is referred to as the Tetragrammaton which means the 4 lettered word. The letters YHWH or YHVH are used to show these letters.

Spiritually reborn


Children are made in the image of their parents. God's children are made in His image. We are a copy of Him just like Yeshua Jesus was. We are going to become a spiritual copy of our physical body.