Adam & Eve

God created Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve were created male and female. God designed them to be able to combine together and form a family. 

Families are God's design for humanity

A first born son is the start of a new family.

Adam and Eve's Ancient Hebrew letters

Adam and Eve's  Ancient Hebrew letters combine together. Adam's male Hebrew letter is # 6 Vav. Eve's female Hebrew letter is # 22 Tav. Together they make up the letter Alef # 1. The Alef is the first letter in Adam's Hebrew name.


God designed Adam & Eve

God's Hebrew language letters show Alef was split into 2 letters.

Alef was split into Vav and Tav

The geometrically designed star letters show God's plan for the man and woman. The 2 become 1.

Adam is spelled with Alef

The word Adam is the man Adam's first name. It is also the word for mankind. The term mankind includes the man and the woman. The 2 combine together to become 1. The one they become is the Alef. The Alef is the first letter of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet. It's the first or beginning letter. Mankind began with the first man, Adam!