Hebrew Letters are Numbers


is assigning numerical values to letters to create designed truths

Vav = 6 Tav = 22

To make more men we add Vav and Tav together. 

Alef is the first letter

It is split into 2 other letters Vav and Tav

Hebrew letters are Numbers

The letter Alef is created from 6 and 22

Alef is the first letter in Adam which means man. Alef is created from the 6th and 22nd letters of the Hebrew alphabet. These are the gender chromosome letters for Adam and Eve. Together the add up to number 28. To produce more people, Adams it takes a 28 day cycle. This is called the woman's menstrual cycle. A womans average reproductive cycle is counted every 28 days.

Hebrew is Scientific

Scientific truths and correlations are found in Hebrew Gematria. Water for instance is written in its Chemistry equation as H20. The ratio is 2 hydrogen to 1 oxygen. In Hebrew water is spelled with 2 letter Mems and 1 letter Youd.

God is a Scientist

God designed everything with His laws. The Hebrew language contains the understandings of the creation and its CREATOR!