God's Name

God's name is found written on stone and in scrolls

God's Ancient Hebrew name is found written on stones in its original Hebrew spelling. It is also preserved in scrolls and on many other ancient artifacts. God's name is written with 4 Hebrew letters. Therefore it is referred to as the Tetragrammaton which means the 4 letters. Those four Hebrew letters are transliterated into English as YHWH or as YHVH. In Hebrew God's name is known as and understood to be the breath of life. God's name sounds like us when we take our breaths of life. Breathing in is YAH, breathing out is WHO, and breathing in again sounds like AH. So the sound of God's Ancient Hebrew name is mankind breathing his breath of life. The breath of life sounds like Yah-Who-ah. 

God's Ancient Hebrew Name is...

God's Hebrew name shows us who He is!

When we write the name of God as YHVH or YHWH in our English Language, we are abbreviating God's Hebrew letters, We use our English letter Y for Youd, H for Hey and V for Vav. Sometimes Vav is abbreviated with a W instead of a V. Ancient Hebrew uses the W for the Vav So it would be called a letter Waw. Modern Hebrew uses the V.

HVH-Havah or HWH-Hawah

Part of God's name is Hawah. It is spelled Hey-Vav-Hey. Hawah means to come or to exist as. It shows that God's name is prophetic of who he is going to become and exist as. It shows the man (Vav) between 2 pieces of fabric. These 2 pieces of fabric  are the 2 Hebrew letter Heys in His name.

The Letters in God's Hebrew name

Letter # 1 is Youd . Youd is God's arm and means His workmanship. Letter # 2 is Hey and is a piece of a fence. It's a 3 to 1 lined fence. Letter # 3 is Vav and is the man's DNA gender chromosome. It is also considered a male anatomy part as a nail. This name shows that God's nailed man is between 2 pieces of 3 to 1 fabric fence. Fabric fence is cloth.


The Man between the 2 pieces of Fabric

The creator's name shows He was coming and came as the man between the pieces of fabric. These 2 pieces of Fabric are the Shroud of Turin and the Shroud of Oviedo. These 2 burial clothes are referred to in the Bible in John 20 verse 7. It says, "The face cloth that had been around Jesus' head was rolled up, lying separate from the linen cloths." BSD translation.

Shroud of Turin

 The Shroud of Turin is the authentic and actual burial cloth of Jesus the Christ proven beyond any doubt! To visit the actual Shroud researchers website just click on the link below.

Visit shroud of Turin website!

Shroud of Oviedo

The cloth that wrapped Jesus head has been kept and safeguarded by the faithful! To read the full story of his linen head cloth covering just click on the link below.

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