spiritually Reborn

God's DNA

God created everything from His DNA blueprints.

Mixing DNA

Mixing 2 different types of DNA is RE-engineering God's created beings.

God's enemy

God's enemy makes abominations out of God's creations by mixing up their DNA!

What will you become spiritually?

Keep your God given DNA to become a child of God!

The creator God has made you in His image. Your DNA comes from God, the Father of humanity. If you change your DNA you will become something else other than one of God's children. You will become an Abomination to God. Abominations become part of the enemy's kingdom. If you allow your God given DNA to be changed and mixed with an animal or anything else. You will not become a child of God. You will become an Abomination to Him. Abominations will not be allowed into His kingdom.

God's beautiful children

God's beautiful children