The Hebrew word oath


Alef is the 1st letter of God's Hebrew Alphabet. It's also the first letter in the word Oath. 


Vav is the 6th letter in God's Hebrew Alphabet. It is the second letter in the word Oath


Tav is the 22nd letter in the Hebrew Alphabet. It is the third letter in the word Oath



 This Ancient Hebrew word pronounced Oath means a sign. It means a promised sign to come.

Hebrew reads Right to Left

Hebrew reads in the opposite direction from English so the 1st letter of the word oath is is Alef. The 2nd letter is Vav and the 3rd letter is Tav.

Oath is formed from double letters

The first letter in oath, Alef, is split into the next 2 letters of the word, Vav and Tav. This shows us a second meaning within this word. The first Vav and Tav are the DNA gender letters for 1st man Adam and his wife Eve. The second set of Vav -Tav letters is for the promised seed-son that God promised to Adam and Eve. This is the 2nd Adam man. The 2nd promised Adam man is an "Oath" or a SIGN! 

This Sign!

Alef is the Sacrifice

Alef is the DNA letters for Adam. Alef is also used to represent the head a bull or an ox. It represents the sacrificial system that started when Adam sinned. The leaders of the tribe or Nation were instructed by God in His sacrificial system to put their hands on the head of the animal that was to be sacrificed for their sins. The story of man's sin was  then written on these sacrificed animal skins. These are called Torah skins.

Vav is the Nailed Man

Vav is the 6th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. Man was created on the 6th day and the number 6 is interconnected with his DNA chromosome, the Vav.

Tav is the Covenant Cross

Tav is the last and 22nd letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. It is also the woman's DNA gender chromosome. Tav is the letter for Eve, the last one created by God. It is also the letter sign for the Agreement that God made with her of a seed that was coming to crush the head of the serpent that turned her understanding against Him. That seed is known as the coming savior or the messiah. The messiah's name in Hebrew means YAH saves and is Yeshua. This letter in the word oath also shows that the messiah has a woman. She is known as the bride of the messiah. In English we call her the bride of Christ!