The Star

God's Hebrew is designed

God used this Geometric star shape to design His Hebrew letter language. Both Modern and Ancient Hebrew are designed from this 6 pointed star.

Sacred Geometry

The star is a sacred geometry shape. Sacred geometry is the study of the design of life. This 6 pointed star correlates to man being created and given life on the 6th day of God's creation. 

God designed life

Hebrew is called the language of life. The Hebrew letters are pieces of DNA. The Hebrew Alphabet is God the creator's DNA language of life. There are 22 letters in the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet. 

God designed life

Our DNA has 22 Autosomes

The Hebrew language is called the language of life. The 22 Hebrew Alphabet, autosome chromosome letters, are God's DNA letters of life. God designed man from His Hebrew letters. God is a being of light. Our God given and designed DNA emits light! In our DNA we are light copies of our creator!

The star of David

The star of David is created from the Hebrew letter Dalet. Two letter Dalets, that are drawn as triangles, form the 6 pointed star. The number 6 in Hebrew means man. Man was created on the 6th day. The 6th letter of the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet is the male sex gender chromosome for a man.

In Biology the cells form a star

 Our lives begin with a cell dividing outward. As the cell doubles and then Quadruples it forms a 3-dimensional shape called a star tetrahedron. This star is called the star of life. All life starts by cells dividing or bursting into life!